Stats and Metrics

The more you know

Created by Gavin Mogan / @halkeye

Better to know, than not to know

  • "How long has this been happening?"
  • "How many concurrent connections before cpu starts to spin out of control?"
  • "How long to videos take to process?"
  • "How many videos are uploaded after Joe does one of his announcements?"

Many many components

Almost all can be used separately, but I think 1 is required, two are nice to have, and 1 is just slick.


  • Graphite
    • Stats Storage Engine. Numeric values only. Has aggregation, rollups, tons of ways to pull out numbers
  • Collectd
    • Regularly (10s) collect system information
  • Statsd
    • Collect data from apps. # of logins, uploads, etc
  • Grafana


  • Collects stats at regular intervals (10s by default)
  • Out of the box, system information
  • Can write to graphite
  • Can collect custom info, but I’ve found it easier/better to go graphite directly.


  • Daemon that collects stat pushes at it
  • Runs over UDP so shouldn’t block your app
  • Many stat options:
    • Timings (how long a query took)
    • Absolute values (number of results returned)
    • Incremental Values (every login)
  • Many backend options
    • Graphite
    • Others
  • Client libraries in pretty much every language

Demos later. Its very pretty

I wanna see some stuff!

Lets go!